Come for the bikes and coffee; stay for the community.

We pride ourselves on our world class bikes and services, but the most special part of Regroup is the local culture that has come together in our shop. Whether you join our group rides or join us for a coffee, we hope you’ll come be a part!




WHERE: Regroup Coffee + Bicycles

WHEN: Sunday at 8:00 AM

ESPRESSO -  faster paced group (leaves at 8:00 AM)

DECAF - a social pace group focused on enjoying  the ride while keeping proper group ride form with no breaks or drops (leaves at 8:05 AM)

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still Can’t get enough of regroup? We totally understand.

Do you drink coffee every morning?

Do you love cycling?

Do you consider yourself a Regroupie?

If so, fill out the form below and begin the first steps to becoming a Regroup Brand Ambassador!

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