The Magic of Bike Commuting: Why We #RideMoreDriveLess


Here at Regroup Coffee and Bicycles in Scottsdale, Arizona, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of the bicycle! Our good friend Megan Hottman aka The Cyclist Lawyer, recently put together a video that explains exactly why leaving your car at home and utilizing your bike as practical transportation can be such an impactful decision. Maybe after watching it, you'll be inspired to ride your bike to the shop next time you have a coffee craving or need a tune-up on your bike!

"Why do we commute? What is so magical about it? Let us tell you. Let us get you started- and then hooked- on the beauty of transporting yourself by bike. Errands, to/from work, groceries... leave the car at home for those short trips- -we dare you: Try it!"

Megan is also one of the nation's top attorneys focused exclusively on injured bicyclists, cycling law and cycling law resources. If you recently were involved in a accident while riding, head to her website today!