Tom Masson

         My personal and professional journey has taken me from the lakes of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, to the desert southwest of Arizona, specifically Old Town Scottsdale. Here you will find me serving a mixture of friendly conversations and coffee, at Regroup Coffee + Bicycles. I have passion for small business and learning. Regroup has given me a wonderful outlet to connect with people and to grow as an entrepreneur. Growth comes through on-going education and new skills development – learning to be a better father/husband, business consultant, and barista. Regroup helps to fuel this growth. From Wisconsin State Bar to coffee bar – join me for some coffee at Regroup Coffee + Bicycles




From the corn stalks of Dekalb, Illinois, to the cacti of the Arizona Desert, I came to Arizona in 2012 and graduated from ASU in 2016 with a degree in Kinesiology. I became immersed in road cycling and consequently coffee, which lead me to discover this humble shop. The coffee and the team that we have at Regroup Coffee + Bicycles is hard to beat — Come see for yourself!




I am a Colorado native that spent 12 years of my life as a Wyoming Cowgirl. I attended Fort Lewis College in hopes of finding my direction, which led me to meet my boyfriend, an Arizona Native. I followed him to Scottsdale and took a job at Regroup.  Little did I know my skill set would be so well suited for this venture. I love working at Regroup! Making coffee is an art, and the connections I have made with the patrons are remarkable. Every day I am honing my skills as a barista while enjoying the relationships that I have developed. Although I miss Colorado and the mountains, Scottsdale and Regroup have become my second home.



Bryant VanderLei

Originally a barista from beer city USA, Grand Rapids, MI, Bryant has a passion for craft beverages of all shapes and sizes. Bryant moved to the Valley in early 2018, bringing his barista background with him. He previously worked as a specialty barista at Ferris Coffee, where he developed a passion for refining his coffee and tea palette and crafting specialty espresso and tea beverages. 

With a love for coffee, community, and craft Bryant is excited to be a part of the team at Regroup, and contribute to the growth of the coffee culture in the Valley.