Tom Masson

         My personal and professional journey has taken me from the lakes of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, to the desert southwest of Arizona, specifically Old Towne Scottsdale. Here you will find me serving a mixture of friendly conversations and coffee, @Regroup_coffeeandbicycles. I have passion for small business and learning. Regroup has given me a wonderful outlet to connect with people and to grow as an entrepreneur. Growth comes through on-going education and new skills development – learning to be a better father/husband, business consultant, and barista. Regroup helps to fuel this grow. From Wisconsin State Bar to coffee bar – join me @Regroup_coffeeandbicycles


Bulat Khromykh

        My name is Bulat and I am your local barista following specialty coffee passion. Seeing how SCA impacted the growth of coffee culture in Seattle, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco made me a dream to be part of that movement. I take pride in my work and proudly serve my craft appreciating anyone who walks through the doors. I call myself west coast barista because I was inspired by their coffee culture and local vibes they share with the community. I’m proud to be part of Regroup family and support local business. Hell yeah brother, let’s regroup and enjoy all flavor profiles in the heart of Scottsdale? 



          My name is Abel Clutter. I am a barista and resident wheelie boy at Regroup Coffee + Bicycles. Outside of the shop I study Architecture at ASU and can typically be found in my studio at odd hours of the night. When I’m not slinging coffee or working on school projects I spend my time running or ripping trails around The Valley. Behind the bar I’m always down to nerd out on bikes, or bench race the upcoming supercross race.



       My name is Mary and I’m your local barista and nature lover. I moved to Arizona to start nursing school in 2016. Shortly thereafter I found Regroup, where my love of coffee and bike culture continued to grow. My favorite thing about working in specialty coffee is the community. I love to see the same people come in and remember their drinks and their stories. Being a barista at Regroup is my fun, creative outlet when I don’t have to be studying about the human body. So, come join me for a drink and stay for the conversation.

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      Holá, my name is Joee and I'm an espresso slinger and customer experience enthusiast here at Regroup Coffee + Bicycles. I'm a man of leisure who is obsessed with the finer things in life, coffee and all things with wheels. Regroup is a unique coffee shop in the valley, and I'm super stoked to be on board with such a radical group of people. Come by and slay with us.